Vistaar Price Management Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies are facing increasing challenges in their search for new areas of profitable growth. Adding to the challenge are factors such as globalization, commodity price fluctuations, and government trade policies. State of the art pricing technology can help you master these challenges to unlock growth.

Today, more and more companies are learning that they can drive significant improvements to both top and bottom line performance through an increased focus on price and promotion management. However, most companies find it difficult to improve their processes with existing software tools. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

Manufacturing companies are currently realizing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and margin improvements through Vistaar’s SmartQuote solution. Here are just a few ways SmartQuote can help:

  • Identify and retain your most profitable customers
  • Identify and mitigate customers with churn risk
  • Optimize deal offers based on willingness to pay and strategy goals
  • Pricing strategy recommendations that account for financial goals, market conditions and government trade policies
  • Factor aftermarket services into pricing
  • Analyze profitability of customer programs, including buyer groups and other performance related off-invoice discounts
  • Create an optimal product mix for customers and channel


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