Other Industries

Many of the world’s leading companies have chosen Vistaar to improve their price planning and management capabilities. Our client list spans a number of industries, each with their own challenges and special needs. The inherent flexibility of our solution enables us to address diverse pricing characteristic across industries, as well as the unique requirements of individual companies within each sector. In most cases, we are able to deploy sophisticated solutions that drive measurable results within the first year without exorbitant costs associated with custom coding and long implementation times.

Our customer satisfaction ratings and 100 percent reference record are testaments to the success we’ve achieved in partnership with our customers. Please contact us and together we’ll explore opportunities for moving your business forward in its journey towards pricing excellence. Following are just a few of the ways we can help:

  • Identify market opportunities and generate optimized price recommendations
  • Incorporate price science with user experience for better pricing intelligence and decision making
  • Manage and enforce pricing policies through integration with existing order and quoting systems
  • Collaborate cross-functionally on pricing actions
  • Establish metrics and incentives that align execution-level decisions with overall corporate objectives
  • Gain visibility into ongoing pricing performance


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