Price Management Solutions

Despite the fact that price optimization can significantly impact revenue and profitability, its principles are not yet well understood by many. Translating pricing theory into shareholder value and competitive advantage requires a logical and structured approach to understanding your business, processes and potential opportunities.

Our mission is to optimize price and value realization for our customers by providing superior pricing intelligence and collaborative capabilities across the company. Vistaar recognizes that pricing involves complex dynamics and interaction between numerous factors that can differ greatly across companies, functions, and stakeholders. Our flexible pricing platform enables organizations to leverage price science and best practices without discarding the nuances and characteristics that make their pricing requirements unique.

Vistaar price management solutions support the entire go-to-market process:

Plan: Empowers business and product planners to establish product portfolios, market segment strategies, manage list prices, analyze market intelligence and forecast revenues. Shared scenario planning enables teams to conduct ‘what if’ analysis and choose the best course of action.

Sell: Facilitates sales and account planning, provides guide posts to negotiate winning deals and delivers tools to analyze account performance. Advanced analytics are used throughout to evaluate each deal, leading to informed and intelligent negotiations.

Track: Analyzes revenue and profitability performance across the entire go-to-market process; including waterfall analysis, a 360-degree view of each deal, and visibility into which products, technologies, partners and competitors are driving profitability and account manager behavior.

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