Brewer Magazine 2018 Expert Outlook Features Vistaar Customer Two Roads

The future and what it holds can mean something different for everyone. The coming year of 2018 for breweries can mean something different from each and every one out there as well. It could mean opening, expanding, developing, broadening, re-thinking or changing strategy, or a plethora of other aspects with each business model. Here is a look at some breweries and their look toward 2018.

Vistaar Adds Dan Ferguson as Vice President of Beverage Alcohol Solutions

Vistaar announces the addition of Dan Ferguson, formerly of Sazerac and Brown-Forman, as vice president, beverage alcohol solutions.

How to Use Consumer Data to Help Determine Price Points

Brewer spoke with Two Roads co-founder and chief commercial officer, Clement Pellani, along with Vistaar’s Paul Greifenberger, the senior vice-president of sales and marketing, about the maneuvering that breweries can deal with in pricing its products.

Wine Writer Shares Ten Insights and Starred Notes from Summer 2014 Journal

Forbes writer includes Vistaar CEO keynote on B2B technology at WITS 2014 on list.

Yo-yo Pricing

The ‘Big Data’ revolution has made the ability to calculate appropriate pricing no longer the preserve of powerful retailers

CGT Editorial Staff Selects Vistaar as Unique Technology Providers to Explore in 2013

Editorial staff calls attention to solution and service providers poised to make a substantial impact on the consumer goods market with innovative yet necessary tools.

Vistaar Technologies Asserts its Pricing Value Proposition

Each Vistaar customer is very large in size, manages complex product portfolios, sells into geographies around the globe, and tends to have hundreds of pricing decision makers influencing thousands of users from various business units .Vistaar is particularly well suited for large complex organizations with diverse business units and product portfolios and comprehensive market segment strategies.

Pricing - It's Only a Game

Businesses and consumers make price/performance decisions every day. Though we think of fashion as frivolous, price/performance decisions are made even there—in a fashion. Three years ago ruffles were the rage and casual dressing in business was accepted. But now these trends are out of favor.

Gartner Mentions Vistaar as a Key Player in Price Optimization Market

Report on Gartner Hype Cycle for CRM Sales says that Price Optimization will experience transformational growth over the next two to five years and is one of the most promising areas in CRM sales. Gartner mentions Vistaar as a player in this market which they define as including price analysis, price optimization, and price execution.

Sazerac Keeps Eye on Pricing

When a company has such a varied portfolio of brands that covers everything from bourbon and scotch to tequila, rum, vodka and brandy, managing pricing across all three tiers of the U.S. alcohol distribution system can be a rather complicated affair.

Follow the Leader: How Best‐in‐Class Companies Approach Pricing

From economic recession to recovery, leading global brands are changing the way they do business to optimize pricing practices within their organization. By developing pricing strategies to maximize profitability and establishing a framework for future business growth, these industry leaders help ensure their businesses can weather any economic storm.

The Psychology of Pricing: It’s All in Your Head

Pennies seem like the Rodney Dangerfield of U.S. currency – they get no respect. But price-savvy businesses know the true value of a penny and understand that a price change as small as one cent (or even a fraction of a cent) can deliver millions of dollars in additional profit. The key is knowing when the customer is willing to pay that extra penny.

Big Value in Big Data for High Tech

High-tech companies around the globe struggle to manage diverse information about their complex products, diverse channel partners, and dynamic go-to-market programs. This industry is particularly challenged to capture, compile, and analyze data from various IT systems in a meaningful way. However, innovators are beginning to transform this data into actionable information by deploying pricing solutions that empower stakeholders to make more informed pricing decisions on a day-to-day basis.

Pricing Technology: The Next Wave for the Middle Market?

What if middle market companies applied the same rigor to pricing as they do to cost containment? To customer service? To human resource management? While in the past such a concept might have seemed foreign or academic, today there are technologies that allow for just that – a scientific, analytical approach to pricing that can show extraordinary results while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Beam Global Takes on Price Improvement Initiative

Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. is the fourth largest premium spirits company in the world. In early 2008, the company recognized there were significant opportunities to improve the way it managed pricing and distributor margins at the market level. Unfortunately, the Excel-based pricing system in place at the time severely limited its ability to operationalize changes that were necessary to improve the company’s overall pricing performance.

A Smooth Shot of Improved Pricing Management

In early 2008, Beam Global Spirits & Wine recognized it had significant opportunities to improve the way it managed pricing and distributor margins at the market level. Unfortunately, the Excel-based pricing system in place at the time severely limited the company's ability to operationalize changes that were necessary to improve its overall pricing performance. As a result, a cross functional team was assembled to commence a large-scale price improvement initiative, which included specs for a new enterprise-wide price planning and management tool.

Increasing Consumer Prices? Proceed with Care

Business leaders don’t have to look very far to see consumer outrage at companies like Netflix and Bank of America for inadvisably boosting prices and adding new fees. Before increasing prices, companies would be well served by taking the time and care needed to understand which customers value which products and services, their price sensitivity especially given the current economic conditions, and the competitive landscape.


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