White Papers

Are you struggling to make sense of a particular pricing issue? Our white papers are here to help make you a smarter, more profitable decision-maker.

The Pricing Platform: A Nimble Path to Pricing Excellence

This whitepaper describes an alternative approach combing the best of “build” and “buy” to help companies generate and accelerate gains from differentiated pricing strategies and by practicing pricing excellence.

Delivering Price Improvement in Complex Organizations

This white paper that provides a roadmap of price improvement, to help guide practitioners and organizations through the complex interpersonal and corporate dynamics that are critical to the short-term success and long-term sustainability of pricing initiatives.

Improving Profitability Management in Customer-Centric Organizations

This paper examines the challenges of analyzing profitability with existing systems. It also takes a look at new technology and processes that leading companies are using to improve the way they manage the profitability of individual deals, customers, segments and products.

Pricing Moves You Can Make NOW To Improve Your Bottom Line

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics over 5.1 million jobs have been shed since the start of the recession in December 2007; about one-half of the job loss has occurred in the past 3 months. Your company, like all others, is looking at a myriad of cost cutting actions to adjust to falling revenues. Real leverage comes from making strategic pricing moves in concert with cost cutting actions. In this white paper, Vistaar Technologies and Strategic Pricing Partners share with you proven tips and techniques you can use NOW to improve your bottom line.


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