Pricing Intelligence for Salesforce Customers

SmartPrice™ from Vistaar delivers real-time pricing intelligence directly to users of Designed specifically to enhance existing CRM workflows, SmartPrice incorporates pricing guidelines, in-line analytics, pricing recommendations and deal dashboards directly into sales quoting processes. Vistaar enhancements to the standard Salesforce workflow enable SmartPrice to proactively manage negotiations and approval processes among the sales, sales operations and finance teams.

SmartPrice™ Highlights:

  • Cloud application hosted on the Salesforce Application Exchange
  • Incorporates real-time intelligence into standard Salesforce workflows
  • Proactively manages negotiations and approval processes
  • Displays price guidelines and price recommendations
  • Supports in-line analytics and drill-downs
  • Developed on technology platform
  • Enhances workflow, enabling better collaboration among sales teams
  • Presents deal dashboards and actionable insights

SmartPrice™ Capabilities

Deal Desk and Approval

  • Deal Dashboard
  • Advanced analytics
  • Pricing visualization
  • Internal price negotiations

Vistaar provides secure global access to a centralized multi-dimensional pricing data model either through SmartPrice, or via web browser, or linked excel workbooks.

Vistaar Pricing Intelligence

  • In-line deal guidance and target pricing
  • In-line reference pricing by SKU
  • Analytics by deal and customer
  • Pricing visualization

Salesforce is the leading provider of CRM solutions to the market today and is used by more than 100,000 companies worldwide. Accessible to sales teams via the Cloud, Salesforce extends its development platform to independent software companies such as Vistaar so that they can build complementary business applications on

Click to download Vistaar SmartPrice™ Datasheet.