The Vistaar SmartQuote Solution for Managing Price Agreements

Vistaar’s SmartQuote offers a turnkey approach to manage and optimize all price agreements in a single SaaS solution. The essence of the solution is in its ease-of-use and adaptability for all classes of users. The following picture shows the three main areas and summarizes the capabilities of each.



Business Impact of the Vistaar SmartQuote

Vistaar’s SmartQuote customers are realizing sustained value from the solution. Hard benefits include a raise in contract hit rates, increased revenues and improved margins. SmartQuote also helps companies to “operationalize” their pricing strategy to meet many other important business goals, including:

  • Pricing with confidence
  • Increasing price consistency in the market
  • Driving desired product and service mix
  • Identifying leakage in rebates and reimbursement payments
  • Improving sales, contract and partner productivity

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