Smart Quote Solution

Vistaar’s SmartQuote is a world-class SaaS solution that manages and optimizes the configure, price and quote process (CPQ). SmartQuote’s easy to use workflows with embedded analytics make the solution easy to use for all classes of users. The software produces margin and revenue growth that ultimately drives improved earnings per share.


The Business Impact of SmartQuote

For a CPQ strategy to be truly successful, it must be a “win-win-win” for sales, marketing, and finance. This calls for a revenue and margin balancing act consistently performed over time. Vistaar’s SmartQuote software enables pricing strategies and tactics that enable organizations to adapt to changing market conditions. SmartQuote is powered by advanced machine learning techniques that enable users to align strategies with market conditions as well as internal financial goals. Key capabilities include:

  1. Optimally balance revenue and margin goals:

    SmartQuote’s unique price guidance framework balances both a customer’s willingness-to-pay and your pricing strategy objectives to enable higher price realization. SmartQuote’s ability to leverage advanced pattern recognition along with dynamic guidance means that every price recommendation is relevant now, as well as into the future.

  2. Advanced scoring and efficient workflows:

    Not all quotes warrant the same level of scrutiny so regardless of the deal size, SmartQuote ensures your team prices efficiently and spends their time on the deals that matter most. SmartQuote enables non-strategic deals to be constructed and optimized with just a few clicks and then auto-approved. Strategic deals are identified for the appropriate level of scrutiny along with guidance and a deep analytical workbench to capture hidden pricing opportunities.

  3. Visibility into the “complete pricing picture”:

    SmartQuote provides deep analytical insights at the account level and all levels of business aggregation. You will instantly understand if customer discounts are justified, and if there are any rebate or other incentives applicable that will impact net margins.

  4. Quickly assess risk:

    SmartQuote enables you to proactively manage risk associated with customer churn. Machine learning based models help identify potentially “at risk” customers along with recommended actions to manage account pricing challenges before it’s too late.

Key SmartQuote Pricing Capabilities

Smart Quote Pricing Capabilities
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