Excel and Web-Based User Interface

Vistaar’s technology provides capabilities that ensure easy adoption by end users and IT professionals alike.

The Benefit of Excel Without the Limitations
The Vistaar approach allows the use of Excel as a template for the solution definition and permits the rapid deployment of that solution throughout the enterprise. By addressing the concerns of IT and business users Vistaar provides solution that is both industrial strength and easily adopted by the user community.

Once the Vistaar model has been created for a pricing application, the use of an Excel prototype also enables other applications that can leverage the same data model to be quickly defined and deployed, often by IT without Vistaar’s involvement.

Web Browser-Based Access
Our browser-based solution provides end users simple and easy access to their centralized pricing system from anywhere in the world without the need to install any additional software.

Web Services
Vistaar also provides a web services interface that enables integration/embedding within ERP and CRM environments, existing presentation frameworks & portals. This approach allows for horizontal and vertical scalability as underlying businesses and their requirements grow.