About Us

Vistaar Technologies was created to address the top challenge that persistently confounds even the best-run businesses: consistently meeting both revenue and profitability targets.

Today, Vistaar delivers leading-edge price and promotion software to some of the biggest names in global business. Vistaar provides world-class planning, analytics, execution and intelligence capabilities to dramatically improve profitability of an organization. Our world-class customer base spans a broad range of industries, which include high-tech, beverage alcohol, manufacturing, services and life sciences. Vistaar provides a unique integration of read/write in-memory OLAP, transaction processing and workflow in one comprehensive platform allowing for the rapid building of next generation enterprise applications. Core services such as support for pricing science, workflow, analytics, and collaboration are built into Vistaar's platform. Our modular- and services-based architecture enables us to easily build specific functionality for customers. The extensibility of our platform enables the incorporation of analytics and pricing algorithms for unique customer environments.

Vistaar provides comprehensive price management functionality for all pricing processes –analytics, price setting, promotions planning, deal management and optimization. With the Vistaar solution, you can make faster, more confident decisions about:

  • Market pricing
  • Product forecasts
  • Customer & product profitability
  • Response to competitors
  • Bid pipeline management
  • Other high-impact choices

Vistaar offers both on-site and service-based solutions. Our pricing software drives measurable price and margin improvements that deliver profitable growth and maximum shareholder value.

A Brief History of Vistaar

We've always had a passion for applying leading-edge technology to complex business problems. Most of our people have worked together since the early 90s, starting with a company called Think Systems, where much of today's approach to demand planning was invented. The solutions we created at Think (now part of i2 Technologies) are still in use at more than 400 Fortune 1000 companies: 3M, Cisco, HP, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Pfizer, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Caterpillar and Whirlpool, to name a few.

Our demand planning innovations gave our customers a competitive advantage. Today, our solutions provide such advantages to product marketing, product management, pricing, and sales teams. Tomorrow, we envision bringing our unique approach (scenario planning technology, ease of use and flexible delivery) to nearly any area of your business. We believe in providing value that grows with you.

We cordially invite you to open a dialogue with us!

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