Senior Pricing Scientist

Job Profile

Provide pricing optimization modeling and statistical analysis for global Fortune 1000 companies to support enterprise pricing software.

Duties and Responsibilities

      1. Perform optimization model construction and statistical analyses of customer-supplied data. Examples of project work:
        1. Application of various price optimization techniques such as dynamic pricing, discount band optimization, list price optimization, promotion optimization, yield management, and deal price guidance.
        2. Determine optimal customer segments using regression tree and clustering techniques.
        3. Measurement of customer willingness-to-pay, demand function, and the trade-offs extant between contribution margin and volume.
      2. Develop and maintain data analysis tools supporting new software prospects, proof of concept, and post-sales implementations.
      3. Build and maintain analysis tools using R, SQL, and VBA.
      4. Build functional specifications and prototypes for use by product development teams to add pricing science enhancements to the existing software platform.

Qualifications and Experience

    • Required: Master's degree (M.Sc., M.C.A., M.Tech) or PhD in math, computer science and applications, statistics, operations research or equivalent.
    • (8 to 10 years) programming in general purpose or mathematical languages like R, SAS, SPSS. experience in R preferred.
    • Experience with pricing or marketing applications of statistical science or mathematical optimization.
    • Experience analyzing large scale, real world data sets and the interpretation thereof from a business perspective.

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