Executive Management

Executive Team

Executives want to understand the revenue and margin impact of sales processes and pricing decisions. Transparency across the business coupled with the ability to drill-down on important issues and opportunities by product and business sector is critical to company success.

Transparency across the business, coupled with the ability to drill-down on important issues and opportunities, is critical to company success. Vistaar provides a bird’s eye view into multi-dimensional data models and cross-functional processes that directly impact both the revenue and profitability of the company.

Vistaar enables you to:

  • Track progress to plan for each product line, market segment, line of business, etc.
  • Establish guidelines to more tightly control pricing for each segment of the business
  • Assess corporate-wide profitability with waterfall analysis and other price science tools
  • Leverage real-time scorecards to assess various aspects of the business including product management,    marketing, sales, and finance.

Vistaar Price Management Solutions:

  • Support ‘what if’ profit scenarios (e.g. LOB, product line, geography) as needed
  • Support ‘what if’ revenue scenarios (e.g. changes to volume, promotions) as needed
  • Provide analytic tools to measure deviation from plan, impact of past decisions, etc.
  • Do not require pre-planning; no IT engagements
  • Allow scenario comparisons and analysis of cascading effects of selected scenarios