Deal Desk & Finance

Finance must understand and measure the overall profitability of deals, while the deal desk works on support of deals to aid in negotiations and ensure compliance to price and discount guidelines and margin objectives. Finance and deal desk responsibilities include managing the internal deal process, providing customer and competitive intelligence as needed, ensuring that proper approvals are obtained, and escalating potential issues before they become a problem.

Vistaar enables you to:

  • Strengthen the pricing review and approval process
  • Assess impact of pricing decisions before they are approved
  • Create more profitable account plans and contracts
  • Drive consistent margins across accounts
  • Review and iterate business rules to drive effective pricing

Vistaar Price Management Solutions:

  • Enforce corporate pricing strategies with recommendations and analytics
  • Prevent rogue discounting by building in checks and balances
  • Support complex deal structures and negotiations
  • Provide the ability to analyze sales results to any level of detail
  • Help to drive consistent margins across accounts
  • Provide framework to drive incremental revenue growth using pricing rules