Product Management & Marketing

Product management & marketing play a critical role in working collaboratively to fine tune target market segments, setting product prices throughout the product life cycle from new product introduction to end-of-life, and exploring new routes to market. Today’s leading companies rely on product management & marketing teams to make fact-based decisions, rather than relying on intuition and partial analysis.

Vistaar enables you to:

  • Leverage best practice pricing techniques to set optimal prices for new product launches and perform ‘what if’    analyses to check potential impact first
  • Plan, execute and manage promotion and incentive campaigns
  • Identify various product bundles to maximize profits while providing simplicity for sales teams
  • Build multi-dimensional data models, integrate with internal systems and tap external data sources to gain    insights into past sales, market trends, product lifecycles, etc.
  • Align incentives, encouraging departments, distributors, partners, etc. to work together.

Vistaar Price Management Solutions:

  • Provide centralized control with local and regional results
  • Support sophisticated promotions planning and execution
  • Leverage best practices and price science to up-sell and cross-sell
  • Are readily configurable to adapt to business and process changes
  • Use analytics to assess sales and channel partner performance over time
  • Enable what-if scenario analyses for new product launches