Sales & Sales Operations

Even superior pricing strategies fail without effective sales execution throughout deal creation, evaluation, and negotiation. During these critical stages of the sales process, sales and sales operations need information and guidance to better support their pricing negotiation and to deliver profitable deals that are aligned with corporate objectives.

Vistaar enables you to:

  • Establish deal process workflow, including reviews, approvals, alerts, and analysis
  • Provide in-line price guidance and analytics throughout the sales process
  • Compare deals with ‘deal clusters’ via market-basket analysis
  • Support appropriate strategies including market, cost-plus, and value-based pricing
  • Maintain audit trail for specific deals, including reviews, changes, and approvals
  • Publish scorecards by product, region, sales and channel partner performance
  • Configure and execute complex business rules while configuring and pricing deals

Vistaar Price Management Solutions:

  • Enforce corporate pricing strategies with recommendations and analytics
  • Prevent rogue discounting by building in checks and balances
  • Support complex deal structures and negotiations
  • Provide the ability to analyze sales results at much granular detail for different levels of sales hierarchy
  • Offer audit trails of deal pricing