Retail Price Optimization

Manufacturing companies are facing increasing resistance in their search for new areas of profitable growth.

Adding to their challenge are factors such as globalization, commodity price fluctuations and limited resources resulting from years of cost cutting.


Today, more and more companies are learning that they can drive significant improvements to both top and bottom line performance through an increased focus on price and promotion management. However, given the complexity of their business and the volatility of the markets in which they compete, most of these companies find it difficult to improve their pricing using existing tools and processes. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

Companies in the manufacturing sector are currently managing billions of dollars of revenue through Vistaar solutions. Here are just a few of the ways Vistaar software can help:
  • Identify and retain your most profitable customers
  • Segment customers based on their value perception of your offerings
  • Determine appropriate pricing strategies given certain market conditions
  • Factor aftermarket services into pricing
  • Analyze profitability of customer programs
  • Create optimal product mix for customers and channels
  • Retailing Made Profitable. Customer Share That’s Protected.


    Easy to interpret, visual analytics at the touch of a button. Align price with business
    strategy, consumer demand, competitive data, and market insights.


    Quickly identify the best price and deliver on margin, volume, and customer retention
    opportunities using effective price optimization and management.


    Stay ahead of the curve with predictive modelling that allows you to project “what if’ price impact. Increased visibility means you can be proactive about price change.


    Vistaar’s Retail Pricing Solutions gives you peace of mind by ensuring all regulatory and manufacturer contract compliance is maintained



    Manage the entire pricing and rebate processes from pricing program creation through financial settlement


    Systematically calculate deal margins inclusive of all backend discount programs


    Create and execute increasingly complex rebate programs without additional administration

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