Rebate Management Software Features

A pricing best practice is the use of backend customer financial incentives.  Designing sophisticated and optimized backend programs can be challenging, especially when considering the downstream execution process.  SmartQuote offers next-generation capabilities that will improve backend program effectiveness, and reduce the labor associated with program execution.

SmartQuote enables businesses to easily create and manage all forms of complex backend customer programs including

  • Rebates
  • Chargebacks
  • Customer Growth Programs

The solution reduces revenue leakage, drives desired customer behavior, and ultimately improves your visibility to true margin when pricing a deal.

The solution automates the rebate management process from rebate calculation through financial settlement to deliver improved payment accuracy, reduced administrative hours, reduced latency and increased margin visibility.

Integrated and Streamlined Processes. Big Results.


Align your rebate programs with your pricing strategy for maximum success


Deliver improved margin with increasingly sophisticated and targeted backend programs


Reduces manual administrative processes and latency through automation

Increase Program Impact

Encourage specific desired customer behavior with highly targeted backend programs


  • End-to-End

    Manage the entire pricing and rebate processes from pricing program creation through financial settlement

  • Automated

    Systematically calculate deal margins inclusive of all backend discount programs

  • Agile

    Create and execute increasingly complex rebate programs without additional administration

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