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Vistaar Technologies Asserts its Pricing Value Proposition

Each Vistaar customer is very large in size, manages complex product portfolios, sells into geographies around the globe, and tends to have hundreds of pricing decision makers influencing thousands of users from various business units .Vistaar is particularly well suited for large complex organizations with diverse business units and product portfolios and comprehensive market segment…

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Pricing – It’s Only a Game

Businesses and consumers make price/performance decisions every day. Though we think of fashion as frivolous, price/performance decisions are made even there—in a fashion. Three years ago ruffles were the rage and casual dressing in business was accepted. But now these trends are out of favor.

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Follow the Leader: How Best‐in‐Class Companies Approach Pricing

From economic recession to recovery, leading global brands are changing the way they do business to optimize pricing practices within their organization. By developing pricing strategies to maximize profitability and establishing a framework for future business growth, these industry leaders help ensure their businesses can weather any economic storm.

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