Increase your margins using automation to drive planning, promotions, rebates & chargebacks

Vistaar understand the unique challenges that suppliers and distributors face when it comes to pricing.

  • Multiple channels to the end consumer
  • Multi-tier distribution
  • A complex regulatory environment
  • A diverse brand portfolio across different geographies.

That’s why our solution is tailored to the competitive market of the consumer goods and beverage-alcohol industry.

Our powerful but easy to use tools help you manage the complexity of pricing beverage alcohol and consumer goods. Our innovative price optimization software boasts many features, including a robust reimbursements solution and deal price automation.
Dozens of companies have used our software to automate industry best practices, make better pricing decisions and increase their margins.

Data-driven price optimization for consumer goods and beverage alcohol

Deliver the right prices, on the right products, at the right time.

We bring multiple data sources in a powerful data-model to life using prescriptive visual analytics and a cutting-edge price optimization framework. At the touch of a button, our innovative solution gives you the data you need to:

  • Drive your profitability and market share
  • identify and execute on your most substantial opportunities
  • stay ahead of your competition
  • deliver on your business goals

Streamline your customer backend processes with our rebate management software. The many benefits of an automated reimbursements solution include:

  • increased loyalty
  • higher productivity
  • better payment accuracy
  • more visibility of profit margins
  • improved cash flow

Our solution gives you peace of mind that your backend processes are being handled as efficiently as possible. Which leaves your teams free to concentrate on more value-added tasks.

Intelligent Pricing: Closed-loop Planning and Execution

Better Deals

Intelligent deal price automation allows for more impactful deals – driving value chain profitability and brand equity

Better Insights

Make smarter decisions with our prescriptive analytics. Identify and automate high-value opportunities.

Better Operations

Reduce administrative hours, eliminate non-value add activities, and drive transparency across the value chain


  • Prescriptive opportunity identification

    Automatically mine your product portfolio for margin optimization opportunities that deserve action.

  • Refine plan with actuals

    Take the guesswork out of pricing beverage alcohol and consumer goods with our price optimization software. Real-time market feedback lets you refine your strategy and effortlessly optimize margins.

  • Enhance with predictive modeling

    Machine-learning and cutting-edge modeling capabilities allow you to plan with intelligence.

  • Efficient reimbursements solution

    Our rebate management software allows you to automate even the most complex rebate processes. You can manage multifaceted backend programs like rebates, chargebacks and customer growth with ease.

  • Contextual Analytics to drive Smart Decisions

    Visualize your data at the point of decision-making. We tie our analytics directly to action so that you can make smart, data-driven decisions more quickly.

Vistaar Supplier and Distributor Management Solutions

  • Supplier Price Management – Manage your pricing decisions across the value chain. Leverage industry best practices and intelligent analytics for a streamlined price strategy

  • Distributor Price Management – Plan pricing across various channels of execution, create price books for retailers and negotiate price support scenarios with suppliers

  • International Price Management – Provides a global standard in price planning across multiple geographies, value chains, and trading partners; fostering consistency and transparency and enabling suppliers to bridge the gap between HQ strategy and local planning

  • Supplier Distributor Collaboration – Provides a technology platform for trading partners to collaboratively set up price and promotion plans, support agreements and seamlessly and securely interchange data

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