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Smart Rebate Management - Reduced latency, increased margin visibility

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What are Rebates?

Rebate; a delayed or deferred discount, that companies use as a financial incentive for customers tied to sales objectives.


The key difference between an on-invoice discount v/s a rebate is that buyer can only avail of rebate $ after the completion of the sale.


This makes Rebates a versatile and effective tool that can help companies met sales goals, without resorting to deep discounting and help preserve brand value.

Key Challenges to Effective Rebate Management

Companies that roll out rebate management programs for their customers are often faced with 3 key challenges to effective execution of these programs:

  • Lack of Customer Segmentation: Designing sophisticated and optimized, rebates programs, best suited to every customer, can be challenging, without segmenting customer, this becomes especially difficult, when considering the downstream execution process.
  • Non-Standard Rebate Programs: When companies manage rebates agreements using spreadsheet, often created and maintained by different teams, this leads to multiple non-standard documents, leading to lack of uniformity when it comes to rolling out rebates to customers.
  • Tracking & reconciliation: Tracking sales invoices and mapping these invoices to rebates offered, is time consuming, often requiring lot of manual intervention, and can lead to customer dissatisfaction if there is a lack of transparency.

Rebate Management Solution

Vistaar’s Smart Rebate offers next-generation capabilities that help you improve the effectiveness of your rebate management programs, and reduce the labor associated with program execution. It relies on Machine learning to churn out new insights from expansive data pools and consumer trends to design cutting-edge, robust rebate programs. Vistaar’s Smart Rebates provides quantifiable results that translate to more transparency among stakeholders.

The comprehensive solution enables businesses to easily create and manage all forms of complex backend customer programs including:

  • Rebates
  • Chargebacks
  • Customer Growth Programs

Helping you reduce revenue leakage, driving desired customer behaviour, and improve visibility to true margin when pricing a deal.

The solution automates the rebate management process from rebate calculation through financial settlement to deliver improved payment accuracy, reduced administrative hours, reduced latency and increased margin visibility

Optimal Prices, Actionable Insights. Simply Delivered.


Align your rebate programs with your pricing strategy for maximum success


Deliver improved margin with increasingly sophisticated and targeted backend programs


Reduces manual administrative processes and latency through automation


Encourage specific desired customer behavior with highly targeted backend programs



Manage the entire pricing and rebate processes from pricing program creation through financial settlement


Systematically calculate deal margins inclusive of all backend discount programs


Create and execute increasingly complex rebate programs without additional administration

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