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An Experienced Partner on Your Path To A More Profitable Future

Built on nearly two decades of pricing experience, a passion for addressing complex business problems, and an ongoing dedication to customer success, Vistaar is your Center of Excellence (CoE). Our experienced team of

  • Pricing scientists
  • Pricing practitioners
  • Technologists
  • Customer support professionals

    Are committed to helping you improve profitability dramatically and achieve value that grows with your organization!

    Your Trusted Partner

    Value Driven

    Vistaar solution is unique in the way it enables companies to configure the complexity of their business directly in the solution.We maximize value for clients through increased margins, top-line growth and improved win rates



    Solution Expertise

    Our team of experts are equipped with a unique blend of strong technical skills and deep domain expertise.This unique blend has enabled us to create and deliver solutions that delivery business value.



    Proven Delivery Methodology

    Vistaar employs an efficient and highly effective phased implementation methodology that delivers maximum value to customers. Each business release is designed to achieve specific objectives that deliver “quick wins” to accelerate ROI and help fund subsequent phases of the project


    Pricing Experts

    Pricing gurus work with you to drive the most business value in the shortest time while minimizing risk

    Industry Specialization

    Years of practical experience across industries drives relevant best practices tailored to your unique challenges and needs

    Change Management

    Stakeholder management and user adoption support to ensure you get the most value out of your investment

    Implementation Assistance

    Best practices to drive secure collection of internal and external data needed for successful price optimization

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