Smart Price Guidance

Pricing Intelligence for Salesforce customers.

Software Features

Smart Price Guidance

Designed specifically to enhance existing CRM workflows, Smart Price Guidance from Vistaar delivers real-time pricing intelligence directly to users of Smart Price Guidance incorporates pricing guidelines, in-line analytics, pricing recommendations and deal dashboards directly into sales quoting processes. Vistaar enhancements to the standard Salesforce workflow enable Smart Price Guidance to proactively manage negotiations and approval processes among the sales, sales operations and finance teams.
SmartQuote enables businesses to easily create and manage all forms of complex backend customer programs including

AI enabled Price differentiation.

Smart Price Guidance maximizes price differentiation through the use of science-based segmentation. This method combines sophisticated statistical techniques with business analysis to accurately model customer willingness-to-pay.  Vistaar’s Smart Price Guidance predicts buyer response to pricing variables at a granular, segmented level. The user receives guidance for deal and list pricing that maximizes objectives within the context of business rules, capacity constraints and strategic targets..

Future-proof price recommendations.


Advanced modelling and dynamic pricing guidance so that you can balance customer “Willingness-to-Pay”, market and pricing strategy objectives.


Implement intelligent price planning using our “what if” modelling. Vistaar’s Smart Price Guidance incorporate machine learning on customer response for various price change options.


Quickly identify the best price and deliver on margin, volume, and customer churn risk using effective price optimization and management

Visibility into the Complete Picture

Business rules framework

The framework that introduces a guard-rails and policy enforcement layer over optimized prices to ensure risk management and avoid ‘run-away’ prices.

Automated course-correction

Reduce the risk of a negative impact. Using advanced machine learning and AI, Vistaar’s price optimization software contains self-correcting optimization methodology that ‘learns’ over time.

Optimized deal guidance

Price guidance framework balances customer price sensitivity with pricing strategy objectives. Improve the likelihood of auto-approval when approval is required.

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