Pricing Structure Features

Empower sales, finance, marketing, and executives to price with confidence. The solution is powered by advanced price science and machine learning techniques that enable users to align

  • Pricing strategies with market conditions
  • Customer willingness-to-pay
  • Internal business goals.

With SmartQuote, sales can rapidly respond to customer pricing requests with optimized recommendations that also accelerate the sales cycle and ultimately improve win-rates.

Optimal Prices, Actionable Insights. Simply Delivered.


Align price with business strategy, customer demand, competitive behavior, and market condition


Quickly arm sales with optimal pricing guidance to negotiate with confidence and win more deals


Deliver on margin, volume, and customer retention goals through optimized pricing & efficient workflows


  • Simplicity

    Single module SaaS solution for ease of use and seamless integration with other systems

  • Optimized deal guidance

    Price guidance framework balances customer price sensitivity with pricing strategy objectives

  • Efficient Workflows

    Data-driven deal scoring and approval workflows enable you to focus on high impact priority deals

  • Customer Compliance

    Advanced pattern recognition proactively identifies customer performance and assesses attrition risk

  • Improved Visibility

    Assess true deal margin with complete visibility to off-invoice backend discounts and programs

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