Pricing provides the fastest and most effective way for companies to increase margins. However, even companies who agree with this principle often find it difficult to implement pricing best practices with any consistency and lasting impact.

Each industry vertical has its unique pricing challenges and every pricing environment is unique and involves coordination across multiple groups. A robust pricing solution adapts to your business enviorment, and ensures that it recommends optimum prices that fit with your pricing strategy.

Vistaar Pricing Optimization and Management Solutions are designed keeping this in mind.The solutions provide a collaborative platform that enables fast and easy configuration to ensure that you get the right fit for your organization with the quickest time-to-value.

Smart Pricing

Sales, Marketing, Pricing and the Deal Desk teams all have different needs for pricing insights, actions, and data. Each team requires different capabilities from a pricing system in order to be more effective. Vistaar’s Smart Price provides a single solution that delivers the right mix of analytics, pricing science and workflow that enable functional groups to work in concert with each other as they perform their own price-related planning, selling and tracking processes.

Smart Configuration

Vistaar’s SmartQuote is a world-class cloud based solution that manages and optimizes the configure, price and quote process (CPQ). The sophisticated solution allows business to be more efficient at managing and optimizing configuration, price agreements, quotes, and price lists by eliminating the need for multiple tools. Vistaar SmartQuote makes it easy for pricing and sales to collaborate on contract/quote-driven businesses, price with confidence and produce margin and revenue growth that ultimately drives improved earnings per share

Smart Rebates

Manage and execute rebate programs to shape desired customer behaviour and reduce price leakage. Intelligent price structure management software automates your rebate management processes and improves your backend program effectiveness.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods manufacturers, whether in three-tier or two-tier value chains, selling fast moving goods or durables are faced with the constant challenge of balancing market share and maximizing margin. Vistaar’s SmartTrade helps you manage overall profitability across price and promotion processes with a solution that leverages industry best practices, scenario planning “what-ifs”, price science capabilities, and intelligent analytics.


Vistaar’s Retail Pricing Solutions offers comprehensive functionality, essential for retail companies, to manage retail prices across multiple segments in a complex, dynamic, and competitive environment. Our Pricing Solutions help retailers improve category market share, retain brand loyal customers and enhance overall store performance while achieving margin and volume objectives.

Digital Commerce

Stay in control amidst ever-evolving market landscapes with our SaaS pricing solution. Intelligent digital pricing ensures that every product is at the right price at the right time. Harness the power of AI to drive your businesses’ success.