Configure, Price, and Quote with Certainty

Vistaar’s SmartQuote delivers a next-generation approach to the CPQ process.

  • This easy-to-use solution combines physical configuration with advanced price optimization.
  • All quotes are created quickly, efficiently, & accurately which ensures rapid and optimal customer response.

SmartQuote enables your sales team to quote in a “self-serve” manner.  With just a few clicks, a valid physical configuration with an optimized deal price is ready to be presented to the customer.

Sales can easily understand pricing options within established thresholds to improve the likelihood of auto-approval and provide visibility to deal score when approval is required. This accelerates time-to-quote and increases win-rates.

Configure, Price, and Quote with Certainty.


Advanced price optimization automatically integrates with each physical deal configuration


CPQ integration with the deal approval process accelerates responses to customers


Easy-to-use interface enables sales to be responsive and agile when working with customers


  • Sophisticated Configuration Logic

    Advanced rules engine displays only relevant options based on product, service, and customer

  • Advanced Control

    SmartQuote balances pricing optimization and pricing strategy with physical configuration and bundling

  • Seamless Solution

    Single module SaaS delivers error-free quotes quickly and eases technical integration

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