Consumer Goods

Vistaar Price Management Solutions for Consumer Goods

The ability to Plan, Sell, and Track better—what’s that worth to a consumer goods company that seeks a more optimal price and promotion go-to market capability? Vistaar's customers will tell you it’s worth 1 to 3 points in increased margin and sustained revenue improvement.

Consumer goods manufacturers, whether in three-tier or two-tier value chains, selling fast moving goods or durables are faced with the constant challenge of balancing market share and maximizing margin. Price and trade promotions are the biggest levers. Managing these two levers typically involves cross-functional collaborative decisions, but is often managed by disparate spreadsheets and an abundance of disconnected systems.

SmartTrade is a fit for consumer goods industries that use price and promotion as levers to shape and manage demand, including fast and slow moving consumer goods, consumer durables, and consumer electronics.

Vistaar software is uniquely equipped to handle the inherent complexity of consumer goods pricing. The solution is built on a powerful technology platform that integrates all aspects of price promotion strategy, execution & performance management. Here are just a few of the capabilities SmartTrade includes:

  • Pricing scorecards
  • Price & promo elasticity
  • Price & promo guidelines
  • Event calendaring
  • Trade promotion optimization (TPO) workbench
  • Scenario planning
  • Waterfall analysis
  • Trade spend effectiveness

Why Vistaar?

Vistaar is a leading provider of price management solutions that enable companies to achieve pricing best practices through price analytics, price optimization, price list management and deal management. Our technology transforms pricing operations into a strategic advantage for some of the world’s largest manufacturers, distributors and service providers. For these companies, Vistaar pricing solutions drive measurable price and margin improvements to deliver profitable growth and maximum shareholder value.

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