Beam, Inc. recognized there were significant opportunities to improve the way it managed pricing and distributor margins at the market level.Since 2008, Beam, Inc., the fourth largest premium spirits company in the world, has been using the Vistaar solution to set and manage segmented prices across their portfolio of products.

Vistaar’s solution helped to reduce margin leaks, improve profitability, and comply with state laws while enhancing distributor relationships across the country.

The result has enabled the Beam pricing team to make informed price recommendations, allowed the sales team to better negotiate with distributors and provided the financial team the ability to monitor and approve all pricing changes. When used in tandem, Beam has captured an additional 2 to 4 points in gross margin.

If you’d like to learn more about how Vistaar helped Beam improve price performance, download the case study or call contact Bryan Gass ( for a demonstration


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