Market and competitive information is considered by many as the Holy Grail toward the achievement of superior financial and market performance. While segmentation of markets is used for many purposes, how should it be done when it’s for pricing application? And what is the potential of targeting micro-segments?

Furthermore, in some industries, competitive price data has greater transparency than in others. If you can get it, how should it be used to best advantage? And what are your options when reliable information is not publicly available?

Keynote speaker Bill Huyler, Vice President of Price Science at Vistaar Technologies, draws on his 20+ years of experience to share what he has learned on this topic.

Vistaar is the only pricing software company that can provide additional resources for organizing your competitive and market data for planning and analysis. Our solution maps this data automatically to align with your company’s perspective of the market.

About the Speaker:
Bill Huyler is the Vice President Price Science for Vistaar Technologies and brings over thirty years of experience in the pricing industry. His background includes roles as a pricing thought leader in the automotive and transportation industries, as well as an entrepreneur delivering both strategic consulting services and software solutions. He also served as a re-entry vehicle dynamics engineer on the Apollo and Minuteman IV programs for Northrop Aircraft and AVCO Missile Systems, respectively. He has noted that some of same mathematics used to model flight dynamics is used today to optimize prices. Bill is a long-time figure in the pricing community with many distinguished accomplishments, including a US patent in pricing methodology. He has also been a board member of the Professional Pricing Society.

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