Price agreements often contain hundreds of lines that are modified repeatedly and change over time, making it difficult for contracts-driven businesses to optimize deals, quickly adjust price, and evaluate price guideline effectively. There is a good chance customers are underserved, creating business risk for you.

On Tuesday, May 24, at noon EDT we invite you to spend an hour with Charlie Silverman, Pricing Manager at GE Industrial Solutions, to learn how GE embraced a new pricing approach and technology to tame contract pricing complexities and delivered sustained improvement in margin and hit rates.

The webinar will include discussions on how GE:

  • Developed a consistent price strategy across their channels,  markets and customers
  • Empowered sales, commercial operations and pricing teams with market intelligence on agreements and quotes
  • Reduced cycle time and number of approvals on pricing decisions
  • Streamlined workflows between CRM, CPQ and ERP systems


About the featured speaker:


Charlie Silverman, Pricing Manager at GE Industrial Solutions
Charlie has more than 30 years’ experience in the electrical distribution business. In his current role, he has pricing responsibility for the Americas and the Middle East. In addition, he is the process and tools leader for the pricing organization.

He has been a Product Manager for the residential products in the retail, distribution, and export channels where he started to gain pricing experience.  Prior to that position, he was the Manager of Post Sale Service across the Americas and Europe.  Charlie spent time as an Application Engineer working for engineering services. He started his career in the manufacturing organization.  During that time, he was the Process Engineer for the electronic trip unit business.

Charlie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Hartford.


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