There are many pricing techniques in use today, ranging from the most basic cost-plus to the most advanced, many which apply modern pricing science in innovative ways. Are the methods you depend upon for setting prices now obsolete? And if so, which techniques would be better? How does this answer vary in different circumstances? We’ll be addressing these questions and more during our next webinar from the perspective of managing pricing across countries and regions.

Attendees will learn:

    • Techniques for managing complexity in international pricing versus pricing in one country only
    • Examples of how multinational companies used price management to realize opportunities for growth

Bill Huyler, Vistaar Vice-President of Price Science brings over thirty years of experience in the pricing industry. His background includes roles as a pricing thought leader in the automotive and transportation industries, as well as an entrepreneur delivering both strategic consulting services and software solutions. He also served as a re-entry vehicle dynamics engineer on the Apollo and Minuteman IV programs for Northrop Aircraft and AVCO Missile Systems, respectively. He has noted that some of same mathematics used to model flight dynamics is used today to optimize prices. Bill is a long-time figure in the pricing community with many distinguished accomplishments, including a US patent in pricing methodology. He has also been a board member of the Professional Pricing Society.

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