Time and again, in industry after industry, a focus on pricing has proven to deliver remarkable financial results. But pricing professional services, especially in technology environments, presents a unique set of challenges. To paraphrase a great political leader, it often seems the business is “of the product, by the product and for the product.” Join Tim Matanovich as he reviews the challenges and reveals some of the opportunities of technology professional services (TPS) pricing. To bring context to the discussion, Tim will highlight pricing practice findings from the 2009 TSIA PS Market Rates Study, a global study of TPS pricing practices. From there, Tim will suggest paths that any TPS organization can take to achieve more profitable growth, day-in and day-out.

Keynote speaker Tim Matanovich, President of Value and Pricing Partners LLC, draws on his experiences to share what he has learned on this topic.
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About the Speaker:

Tim Matanovich is “The Pricing Guy”, a nickname he received because of his persistent commitment to improving business performance through a focus on value and pricing. Tim has been a business leader, speaker and consultant in pricing since 1993, and is currently president of Value and Pricing Partners, LLC.

From 2006 – 2008 Tim was Vice President, Strategic Pricing and Value at The TriZetto Group. TriZetto is a $500M growth company, providing IT solutions in healthcare. In his role as Vice President, Tim worked with product management to quantify value and define pricing strategies. He developed incentive programs to reward pricing excellence, demonstrated the cost of undisciplined pricing behaviors and introduced processes and programs that reduced discounting by half.

Prior to joining TriZetto, Tim was General Partner at Market Leaders Group LLC, and a Senior Consultant with StratX. In these capacities Tim consulted worldwide to help business leaders increase returns for shareholders and reduce business risk. Among others, Tim has worked with GE, DuPont, Ericsson, PPG, VHA, Hercules and First Data Corporation.

Tim’s specialty is pricing and market strategy. He has published over 25 articles on the subjects. Tim has been an adjunct faculty member with the Institute for Study of Business Markets at Penn State, the Center for Services Leadership at Arizona State and at Regis University. He has also spoken at a host of professional conferences in his areas of expertise.

To preserve the planet for future generations, Tim contributes 10% of the profits from Value and Pricing Partners, LLC to the Alliance for Climate Protection, founded by former Vice President Al Gore. Tim also serves as Executive Director of the Colorado Fencing Academy, a leading sabre fencing school.

Tim received his MBA from the University of Michigan, and currently lives in the foothills west of Denver with his wife and two children: a 16 year old Tom Cruise and an 12 year old Roger Daltrey.

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