The road to pricing excellence is not the same for every organization. Even companies competing head-to-head for supremacy within the same industry are likely to travel different paths on their evolutionary journey towards pricing success. This is because every organization has its own unique pricing fingerprint that’s a product of its underlying corporate DNA. To take this analogy one-step further, the collection of genes that make up this DNA include things like organizational structure, systems infrastructure, culture, and the competitive and market position of its products and/or services. Therefore, the most pragmatic approach to price re-engineering is not one where one-size fits all, but rather one which employs the flexibility to adapt to the unique organizational needs in the near-term, while offering the extensibility to enable additional areas of improvement when the company is ready and the opportunity is right.

This webinar is intended to provide business managers with a comprehensive roadmap for areas of pricing opportunities that may be available to them today so they can identify an onramp to provide their company with the fastest acceleration lane toward meeting its objectives.

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