New fallout from the sub-prime credit crunch seems to crop-up every week. Each buyout, bailout or bankruptcy only serves to reinforce the depth and breadth of the crisis and fuels more fear of a protracted economic trough.

Does your organization have what it needs to develop and execute sound pricing strategies that can weather turbulent times? By default, many companies react (often unknowingly) to recessionary environments by loosening pricing policies, matching competitive bids and otherwise offering concessions that may not be warranted.

During periods of prosperity, companies often gain a false sense that their pricing processes and systems are adequate and adaptable enough to serve the organizational objectives through any economic cycle. As they say, “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”. Unfortunately, it’s often during lean years, when they can least afford it, that companies discover how ill equipped they really are to react appropriately to the pressures brought on by an ailing economy.

In this webcast we will shed some insight on:

  • Pricing challenges businesses face during lean economic times
  • Identifying opportunities for revenue and margin growth
  • Leveraging data, analytics and planning to manage large, complex product portfolios
  • Normalizing competitive data to determine relative price position and accelerate competitive response
  • How to identify your most profitable products and customers to improve margin and market share
  • The power of using “what if” scenarios to gain visibility into the financial and operational impact of pricing decisions
Vistaar Editorial Team

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