Pricing Team

Business Planning/Pricing Team

The pricing team plays a critical role in setting prices, enforcing corporate policies, and ensuring that sales and other teams have the guidance they need to make well informed pricing and discounting decisions. Portfolio-wide price lists should be managed through a unified pricing framework that consolidates product data, target market segments, sales accounts, channel partners and promotional activity.

Vistaar enables you to:

  • Model your organization, define pricing rules and establish business workflows that enable collaborative pricing
  • Establish optimal list prices and discount structures across large product portfolios, multiple geographies, and    channels
  • Specify the pricing policies and rules required to generate price lists and invite collaboration from various    stakeholders throughout the pricing process
  • Develop rapid iteration models for ‘what-if’ scenario planning based on multiple pricing strategies, tiers, discount    structures, specific contracts or deals, etc.
  • Accurately model customer willingness-to-pay by combining statistical technology with business analysis

Vistaar Price Management Solutions:

  • Represent the company vertically and horizontally through a comprehensive business model
  • Layer over, span and integrate with existing systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, BI)
  • Support vast data volumes, hundreds of users, and billions of data points
  • Provide a comprehensive waterfall analysis
  • Unify technical foundation for analytics, workflow, and entity services
  • Build-in scenario planning across any cross section of business data
  • Offer native support for business workflows and complex business rules