Beverage Alcohol Trade Marketing: Delivering Value with Integrated Price & Promotion

Guest Speaker: Rob Rubenstein, National Sales Operations Manager, Heaven Hill Distilleries and
Usha Iyer, SVP of Product Management & Marketing, Vistaar
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 12pm EDT

In this Vistaar-sponsored webinar, Rob Rubinstein will discuss Heaven Hill’s path to price and promotion excellence. The presentation is intended for executives from sales, marketing, finance, and pricing organizations.

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Pricing Complex Business Services

On Demand Webinar
Mark Burton, Co-founder and Vice President, Consulting, Holden Advisors

The global market for complex B2B services has doubled since 2003, and is conservatively sized at over $1 trillion. With increasing competition, and broader ranges of services offered, pricing of services becomes increasingly of critical importance to maintain competitiveness and ensure long term profitability of contracts that may extend for several years. In this webinar, Mark Burton, co-founder of Holden Advisors, will include a discussion of the challenge and opportunity in services pricing to generate higher win rates as well as more profitable deals

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