The past year has challenged pricing professionals like never before. Collapsing demand and high-pressure from customers requesting bigger discounts have often lead to an emphasis on survival over discipline. As the economy shows early signs of recovery, now is the time to plan pricing moves that will ensure increasing revenues and profits in the future.

Drawing on his book (co-authored with Reed Holden) Pricing With Confidence: 10 Rules to Stop Leaving Money on the Table, Mark Burton of Holden Advisors will discuss key steps that you can take now to prepare for a return to growth.

About the Speaker:

Mark Burton is co-author with Reed of Holden of Pricing With Confidence: 10 Ways to Stop Leaving Money of the Table (Wiley, 2008.) He is also co-founder and Vice President at Holden Advisors where he runs the firms consulting organization. His fifteen years of experience in the field of pricing have led him into virtually every industry. In recent years he has focused his efforts on advising firm’s in high technology, outsourced services, software and data services, and manufacturing.

Mark’s opinions are widely sought after and he has been featured in outlets such as Investors Business Daily,, and Selling Power. He has also had a number of articles on value-based strategies appear in Marketing Management, The Journal of the Professional Pricing Society, The Pricing Advisor, and The Journal of Financial Transformation.

Click here to view Mark Burton’s blog “Pricing on Purpose.”

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