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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics over 3.6 million jobs have been shed since the start of the recession in December 2007; about one-half of the job loss has occurred in the past 3 months. Your company, like all others, is looking at a myriad of cost cutting actions to adjust to falling revenues. Real leverage comes from making strategic pricing moves in concert with cost cutting actions. In this webinar, Vistaar Technologies and Strategic Pricing Partners will share with you proven tips and techniques you can use NOW to improve your bottom line.

Ed Marx, Vice President Client Solutions, Vistaar Technologies

Ed is responsible for leveraging his experience as a pricing practitioner to help Vistaar fully understand client processes and implement solutions that maximize value for the client. Ed has over 18 years professional experience including 15 years in pricing roles. Prior to joining the Vistaar Team, Ed served as Vice President of Pricing, Margin and Bids for Corporate Express. At Corporate Express he had full responsibility for establishing margin and pricing processes as well as implementing pricing technology solutions. Ed also has 9+ years experience with W. W. Grainger, Inc in financial and pricing roles. Ed has a BS in Accountancy from Northern Illinois University and is a CPA.

John DeCarlis, Managing Partner, Strategic Pricing Partners
John F. DeCarlis is the Managing Partner of SPP. He has over fifteen years in key executive roles in technology, consumer goods, retail and consulting organizations. In addition, he has over nine years of industry experience in marketing, M&A, finance and operations management. John is a thought leader in the strategy and technology of Pricing Strategy and Profit Optimization. His focus is on the pricing strategy development, business process design, organization and change management and technology selection and implementation to help clients transform their capabilities to maximize their growth and earnings. He also spent six years in an executive role at a price and profit optimization software company which gives him a unique ability to bring scalability to earnings growth. John is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with degrees in Finance and International Relations.

Vistaar Editorial Team

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