Like most software companies, McAfee is challenged with short product life cycles, aggressive competition, and the commoditization of products driving prices lower. At the same time, McAfee is attempting to increase revenue and margins through offering unique combinations of hardware, software and services targeted to meet the needs of specific markets and named accounts – but must do so at the right price!

Why are some companies better able to make compelling offers while maintaining margins than others? 
Simultaneous visibility into historic performance and competitive intelligence, coupled with forward-looking analysis and targeted discounting recommendations, empower sales and finance teams to make more informed decisions.

Building world-class deal intelligence capabilities could dramatically improve sales and profitability for software companies. During this webinar we’ll cover how to use pricing technology to:

  • Create a consistent pricing framework to holistically support deal desk, finance and sales teams to drive more profitable deals
  • Overcome the pricing challenges in a complex environment of promotions, renewals, subscriptions, perpetual licenses, solutions and services
  • Gain visibility into customer portfolios to make better pricing decisions
  • Protect margins and grow portfolios using cross-sell and up-sell opportunities


About the Speaker
Vimal Solanki, VP of Corporate Strategy at McAfee
, draws on his personal experience to share what he has learned on these important topics.

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