Increase Profit and Efficiency with Vistaar’s Invoice Match Solution

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The use of invoice data to pinpoint deal mix and bill back accuracy is an emerging best practice within the beverage alcohol industry. This practice enables the creation of more impactful deal levels and also improves bill back payment accuracy. These improvements can materially increase profit.

The data / process challenges associated with the use of invoice data can be onerous, which is why Vistaar created the Invoice Match solution.

Spend an hour with Vistaar as we cover:

  • Automation of the matching process
  • Analytical views to analyze trade discount rate performance and volume trends
  • How to use the output to rationalize price structure/tree deal levels
  • How to Improve the accuracy and efficiency of distributor bill back payments

About the Speakers

Shashank Misra, Solution Consultant, Beverage Alcohol Solutions

Shashank is a Solu tion Consultant for the beverage alcohol line of Vistaar solutions. Shashank consults across a broad range of pricing and promotion challenges faced by suppliers and distributors. He works closely with sales, sales ops, finance and marketing teams to understand and identify opportunities for streamlining business processes, reducing man hours on everyday tasks, and improving overall effectiveness of programs.


Manoj Menon, Vice President Product Management, Beverage Alcohol Solutions

Manoj has more than 13 years of experience in enterprise software development and sales strategy. Manoj has deployed pricing solutions in many industries and specializes in the beverage alcohol market. As the vice president of product management for Vistaar, Manoj is responsible for the beverage alcohol solution footprint and future roadmap.  Manoj is a Certified Pricing Professional (CPP), a Project Management Professional (PMP), and has certifications on a number of technical platforms including Oracle, Weblogic, IBM XML, Java, and Microsoft.


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