For a pricing strategy to be truly successful, it must be a “win-win-win” for sales, marketing, and finance. This calls for a revenue and margin balancing act consistently performed over time. Vistaar’s SmartQuote pricing software enables pricing strategies and tactics to efficiently and rapidly adapt as market conditions change. SmartQuote is powered by advanced machine learning techniques which ensures that your pricing strategy is continuously aligned with market conditions as well as internal financial goals.

Want to learn more? We will be at the Spring 2018 Professional Pricing Society (PPS) conference in Chicago on May 1-4. Visit us at our booth for an update on Vistaar’s SmartQuote, the world’s leading price management software solution.

How SmartQuote Enables Pricing Excellence?

  1. Truly balance revenue and margin goalsSmartQuote’s unique price guidance framework balances both a customer’s willingness-to-pay and your pricing strategy objectives to enable better and achievable prices. SmartQuote’s ability to leverage advanced pattern recognition along with dynamic guidance means that every price recommendation is relevant now, as well as into the future.
  2. Natural and easy to use workflowsNot all quotes warrant the same level of scrutiny so regardless of the deal size, SmartQuote ensures your team prices efficiently and spends their time on the deals that matter most. SmartQuote enables non-strategic deals to be constructed and optimized with just a few clicks and then auto-approved. For larger deals, a deep analytical workbench will identify hidden pricing opportunities.
  3. Visibility to the “complete pricing picture”SmartQuote provides broad analytical insights at the account level and all levels of business aggregation. You will instantly understand if customer discounts are justified, and also see the resultant financial impact of the proposed discount on the deal and your overarching price plan.
  4. Quickly assess riskSmartQuote enables you to proactively manage risk associated with customer churn. Our modeling techniques leverage machine learning best-practices to identify potentially “at risk” customers to manage account pricing challenges before it’s too late.
  5. Command and control – easy to use dashboardsTrack KPIs specific to your business needs. Regardless of the customer and product granularity required for your job, SmartQuote tailors data views to meet your specific insight requirements.

About Vistaar

Vistaar Technologies was created to address the top challenge that persistently confounds even the best-run businesses: consistently meeting both revenue and profitability targets. Today, Vistaar delivers leading-edge pricing, configuration, price execution, promotion management, and rebate management software to the biggest names in global business. Our solutions are powered by predictive analytics leveraged by machine learning that will ensure revenue and margin growth to your organization in perpetuity. Our world-class customer base spans a broad range of industries including: manufacturing, beverage alcohol, retail, and many others.

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Vistaar Technologies

About Vistaar Technologies

As an experienced pricing solutions partner to some of the biggest names in global business, Vistaar offers a range of services to help our customers reach their maximum potential. Talk to us to see how we can help you create a more profitable future.