Short answer: YES!

Commodity market fluctuations that whipsaw product margins are a persistent downstream pricing challenge.

  • Should you take price now, incrementally, or eat the cost change?
  • What will your competitors do?
  • How many times can you change customer pricing this year?

Get it right or you risk locking your margins into that corporate “unhappy place”.

If you’ve mastered the market cost vs. price balancing act, congratulations.  But will your mastery hold up during a tariff trade war?  Tariffs force the pricing challenge to account for market bending change, and for some predictive models to go “out the window”. You need to be prepared when senior management asks…

  • How will a tariff impact our immediate deals and price plans?
  • What is our financial exposure for both the top and bottom-line?

Vistaar’s leading pricing solution, SmartQuote, is designed to help you manage your price strategy when tariffs strike.  Having access to the right technology combined with the right market data can be the difference between success and failure.  Only with SmartQuote, can you analyze the potential impact of tariffs and efficiently create a price strategy response with just a few clicks.

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