How to look good in a Trilby Fedora hat with Wayfarer glasses… “hit it Jake”

Many thanks to those who joined Vistaar at the PPS conference in Chicago. There were many interesting pricing topics discussed, with lots of opportunity to socialize. We took note of the topics that surfaced most frequently.

  • Best practices for managing pricing from both a strategy and deal level perspective when government trade policies impact cost
  • How to attain margin visibility for deals that include many types of off-invoice incentives
  • Sales enablement
  • Best practices regarding how to eliminate data gaps and improve the enrichment of existing data
  • How to manage pricing strategy at a granular level, by geographic region and line of business
  • Best practices for managing price when commodity fluctuations whipsaw costs

Vistaar enjoyed the dialogue and we look forward to additional conversations sometime soon. We will keep the above topics in mind as we consider agenda for planned events.

Also, David Glenn (PhD), Vistaar’s Vice President of Optimization Group, presented to conference attendees, “How Well Does Your Pricing Organization Learn from The Field?”

Key presentation points:

  • Strategies for effectively using bid data to close the pricing feedback loop
  • The case for capturing more bid data from the field
  • Practical considerations for controlled pricing experiments

If you have any questions, you can reach David at, or visit our website at

On a closing note, thank you for your good spirit at the booth! Vistaar embraced the opportunity to meet with you in Chicago with a Blues Brothers movie theme. If you look at #nopricingblues or #SmartQuote you will see plenty of additional pictures that show how to look good in a Trilby Fedora hat with Wayfarer glasses. Great fun!

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