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Machine Learning & Data: The Latest Pricing Opportunity

Please join Vistaar’s Director of Product Management, Dushyant Zutshi, in a new #PricingWebinar titled, “Machine Learning & Data: The Latest Pricing Opportunity” for a sneak peek of PPS Fall 2018 session content. Read More

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Webinar: Differentiated Pricing Strategy for Commodity-Driven Businesses
March 7, 2017 at 11:30 am EST

Join our webinar as we examine how commodity-driven industries can break away from the pack with a differentiated pricing strategy. Read More

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New Technology Approach: Tame Your Contract Pricing Complexities

                Price agreements often contain hundreds of lines that are modified repeatedly and change over time, making it difficult for contracts-driven businesses to optimize deals, quickly adjust price, and evaluate price guideline effectively. Read More…

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Digital Price Optimization: How to Maximize Your Channel Revenue

The world is going digital! People are increasingly buying online – books, music, groceries, food – almost anything is just a click away. Additionally, digital products are replacing physical ones in several forms especially for publishing companies. These factors together Read More…

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Increase Profit and Efficiency with Vistaar’s Invoice Match Solution

      The use of invoice data to pinpoint deal mix and bill back accuracy is an emerging best practice within the beverage alcohol industry. This practice enables the creation of more impactful deal levels and also improves bill Read More…

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Beverage Alcohol Trade Marketing: Delivering Value with Integrated Price & Promotion

Guest Speaker: Rob Rubenstein, National Sales Operations Manager, Heaven Hill Distilleries and
Usha Iyer, SVP of Product Management & Marketing, Vistaar
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 12pm EDT
In this Vistaar-sponsored webinar, Rob Rubinstein will discuss Heaven Hill’s path to price and promotion excellence. The presentation is intended for executives from sales, marketing, finance, and pricing organizations.

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Pricing Complex Business Services

On Demand Webinar
Mark Burton, Co-founder and Vice President, Consulting, Holden Advisors
The global market for complex B2B services has doubled since 2003, and is conservatively sized at over $1 trillion. With increasing competition, and broader ranges of services offered, pricing of services becomes increasingly of critical importance to maintain competitiveness and ensure long term profitability of contracts that may extend for several years. In this webinar, Mark Burton, co-founder of Holden Advisors, will include a discussion of the challenge and opportunity in services pricing to generate higher win rates as well as more profitable deals

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Driving Volume and Market Share with Price Pulsing & Simulation

On Demand Webinar
David Glenn, Ph.D., Vice President Optimization Group
Manoj Menon, Vice President Product Management
Price pulsing is a key tool used by consumer good suppliers to manage volume and market share as part of an overall revenue management strategy. Effective price pulsing requires a robust analytic framework and appropriate use of price elasticity modeling and simulation. In this webinar, we will describe an approach for price pulsing in the beverage alcohol industry and its role in the overall revenue management process. Beverage alcohol is a 62 billion dollar U.S. industry characterized by intense competition with an extremely challenging pricing environment, that makes the industry an interesting test case for this solution approach.

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Deliver Value to CPQ Processes with Price Analytics and Optimization

On Demand Webinar
PPS Co-Hosted WebinarOn Demand Webinar
Speaker: Dushyant Zutshi, Director Product Management
Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) implementations bring benefits in automation and accuracy to manage sales processes for configured products, services and bundled solutions. However, pricing functionality in CPQ tools is limited to quote configuration and approval workflow, or basic price execution capability. This typically leads to inconsistent pricing and discounting, lost revenue and margin leaks. Additionally, lack of pricing science capability in CPQ tools also hinder the realization of incremental revenue & margin uplift opportunities through cross sell & up sell planning and its execution.
This webinar will describe how price management solutions can deliver value to CPQ processes for complex configured product sales.

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When Value Isn’t Enough: Pricing and offering strategies to succeed with today’s hyper-informed, skeptical, cost-sensitive customers

On Demand Webinar
Guest Speaker: Mark Burton, Co-Founder and Vice President, Consulting, Holden Advisors
Continued economic uncertainty has led to a fundamental change in the way customers in all industries purchase goods and services and negotiate prices. Today’s customers are the most informed ever. They are cautious about making costly mistakes when choosing suppliers, and they have learned that when they act like price buyers, they are handsomely rewarded with discounts and add-ins. Traditional marketing and sales approaches focused on building relationships and creating bundled solutions not only do not work in this new environment, they may very well backfire and lead to increased pricing pressure.

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